Is Portia de Rossi Headed for The Office?

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I'm usually not one for internet rumors, but there is one thing that'll start me speculating with wild abandon: news involving Arrested Development alums. The latest nugget about Steve Carell's replacement on The Office, then, is my bread and butter. Entertainment Weekly originally reported that Rhys Darby and Danny McBride were being courted as possible new Dunder-Mifflin bosses, but now news is spreading that while McBride is slated to appear in an upcoming episode, the new boss will be an Arrested Developmentalum. Some outlets even did some minor detective work, surmising that while most of those actors are busy or not a great fit, the list of potential replacements consists of Tony Hale, Jeffrey Tambor, and Portia de Rossi.

All are splendid choices. Tambor already played the patriarch of a family on AD and really, isn't The Office just one big dysfunctional family? And Hale's inept kiss-up of a boss on Chuck was a welcome distraction from the rest of the Buy More stuff. But like many of my colleagues, I want to echo whole-heartedly the idea that Portia de Rossi could be the new Michael Scott. My reasoning is simple:

Better Off Ted.

First of all, it goes almost without saying that despite the sappy title, the show was fantastic. And de Rossi's character Veronica, a head honcho at the faceless corporation Veridian Dynamics, was consistently one of the funniest parts of the show. Her social obliviousness would make even Michael Scott blush; it was so over-the-top that it bordered on meta territory and was only matched by her fake disdain for her employees, a ploy to protect her from meaningful human interaction. When the walls broke down and Veronica showed her sensitive side, it made for some ripe situation comedy not unlike those moments when Michael shows something genuine on The Office. And like Michael, Veronica has her share of silly slapstick moments.

While I'm typically not in favor of comedic actors and actresses playing similar characters on multiple shows, Portia de Rossi's Veronica is made for shows like The Office. So I'm breaking my own rules and speculating the hell out of a Better Off Ted-The Office crossover. Because even though The Office needs to end, if NBC insists on keeping it around, how cool would that be?

Who would you like to see replace Steve Carell?

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