Is Steve Carell Leaving The Office?

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... Funny guy Steve Carell may fire himself when his contract with NBC's The Office is up. In an interview with BBC Radio, Carell was asked about his role and how long he would stay on board as bumbling boss Michael Scott; "I think that will probably be my last year," he said of next season. Which means next season will be the last season of The Office I watch. [OfficeTally]

... One of the reasons CBS' NCIS is so successful might have something to do with the network paying its stars dirt. Scuttlebutt among the trades is that actors Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, David McCallum, and Sean Murray are all in negotiations to renew their deals on the show, but that CBS has only offered "pretty low-ball" figures. The report says "at least two of the quartet are making well under $100,000 per episode." By comparison, Charlie Sheen is rumored to make $1 million per half-hour episode of Two and a Half Men. I say the actors should hold out. That's what I did, and got a raise to $5.75 an hour! Winner: Me! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Here's how to get noticed, the Chelsea Handler way: The comedienne and host of late-night chat show Chelsea Lately apparently sent out a demo reel to producers with bits from her stand-up act. Intercut with those routines was footage of another talent of hers: Having sex. Partway through her reel, the video allegedly cut away to her having sex, then cut back to more comedy. She talked about the video leak on her show last night, saying it was all "a joke." Ha ha, good one. Feel free to send more of your "jokes" this way. [Radar Online (screencap kinda NSFW)]

... NBC wants Jimmy Fallon to host this year's Emmy Awards. Snooze. [Variety]

... TLC has renewed L.A. Ink for a fourth season, so get ready to show off your tramp stamp! You know, the one that reads "desperate" in Chinese characters. And in pretty much every other language, actually. [Variety]

... Max Weinberg and Conan O'Brien may have parted ways. Weinberg, who has been Conan's bandleader (and star of the incredibly disturbing "Max on Max" sketch) since forever, is rumored to be left out Conan's new show on TBS due to conflicts with his other gig as Bruce Springsteen's drummer. Let's see, drummer for the greatest American rock n' roll icon of our time, or "bandleader" for a geeky redheaded dude on basic cable? The interview also mentions a rumor that Weinberg has approached Jay Leno about becoming bandleader on his show, but there's no way that's true. [Some guy on City Pages]

... And finally, for you nerdlings, author Neil Gaiman (Coraline, Sandman) has tweeted that his script for an episode of next season's Doctor Who is complete. [DigitalSpy]

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