Is Sydney ready for Chelsea Lately?

Australian celebrities will need to duck for cover when Chelsea Handler hits out shores next month.

The irreverent talk show host of Chelsea Lately will film four episodes of her show at Foxtel studios from November 23 to 25. In the US her show delights and offends celebrities on the E! Network. What will she make of Australian stars who are brave enough to venture onto her show?

"Anybody who comes on the show usually has a good sense of humour about themselves," says Handler. "So it's a nice kind of platform for them to be able to laugh at themselves and make jokes about themselves.

"I don't really take the show that seriously, it's a really silly show. It's very much a mind freeze. Anytime you're watching it's because you don't feel like thinking that day. So it fits right in with E!'s scheduling."

Bending the traditional Tonight show format, Chelsea Lately is a mix of late night chats, host monologue, round-table comedians and filmed sketches.

"It's a Tonight show but you've gotta be really on your feet," says Handler.

"We take off some shows, like reality shows. We have a cast of characters on our show. All the writers are regular on the round table, and they all can do characters and impersonations. So we'll make fun of the Kardashians or Heidi and Spencer, and we'll all play different characters.

"And we have an interview or a field piece, something we've taped before, and that's it. It's a half hour show so it's very fast."

Handler is one of only a handful of female hosts to front a Tonight show in the US, but in her usual carefree style nothing fazes her.

"The late night shows around me are pretty male-dominated but we're like junior high, they're more like high school."

So far the Aussie guest list is still under consideration. But Handler, who was the one to suggest a visit to our shores, is hoping to find plenty of men, booze and kangaroos.

"I'm trying to get my friend Poppy Montgomery to come with me," she said. "She lives around the corner from me and we're very good friends. I said 'You have to come with me'. They keep trying to get the big movie stars and I said 'Let's just bring Poppy, everybody loves Poppy'.

"We're only there for eight days but we get like three days off so hopefully we'll be able to do some fun stuff too."

Tickets for her four shows have already been snapped up by her fans from E! after Handler advised: "We need people to skip work for the day and come watch the taping. Just call in sick."

Looks like Sydney is already planning to be pretty sick in late November.

Chelsea Lately airs Tuesday to Saturday at 10.30pm on E!

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