Is The CW Prepping a Smallville Spinoff?

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... Smallville may be chugging a whole Kryptonite shake at the end of this season, but the world of DC Comics characters may live on in the form of a spinoff. But don't get too excited yet; the CW has merely expressed interest in checking out the rest of the DC catalog for potential series material. The early rumored favorite? The Blue Beetle, who apparently isn't as lame as he sounds. [MTV]

... Jeff Goldblum has called an end to his Law & Order: Criminal Intent experiment and is leaving the show after two seasons. Criminal Intent's future is uncertain, as USA Network has yet to renew it for a 10th season, so Goldblum said, "Yo check this! I ain't sticking around no show that ain't even coming back for certain, yo!" Seriously, he said that. [Variety]

... Glee superstar Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) has a mom, and we're going to see her. In picture-perfect casting, Carol Burnett will play Mama Sylvester in an episode airing later this year. And apparently she hunts Nazis. [EW]

... Fox's American Idol is a huge mess, with weird new judges, no more Simon, and a fading profile. Now rumors are fluttering about that Nigel Lythgoe will not only return to executive produce the show, but also to sit at the judge's table. "What an incredible turn of events!" said me, being sarcastic. [EW]

... Diablo Cody, the overrated scribe of the overrated Juno, is coming to network TV! Cody has written and sold a pilot script called Breadwinner to Fox, but details of the show are being kept under wraps. Presumably it features ridiculous dialogue and sweet indie rock. Cody is co-creator of Showtime's United States of Tara. [THR]

... First of all, reality TV hosts should be grateful there's an Emmy category for them in the first place. Second of all, reality TV hosts should STFU. Jeff Probst, host of CBS' Survivor, is outraged—OUTRAGED I SAY!—that this year's Emmy telecast won't feature his category in the broadcast; instead, the award will be handed out during the Creative Arts Emmy presentation the week prior. "It's the latest slap in the face to the genre," said CBS' VP of alternative programming Jen Bresnan. I agree. A slap in the face is wrong! Reality TV really deserves a swift kick to the groin. [THR]

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