Is The Jesters the new Frontline?

Kate Ceberano, Mark Mitchell, Barry Jones, Phillip Adams all make cameo appearances in Movie Extra's new comedy series, The Jesters.

In the comedy that delves behind the scenes of a TV sketch show, Mick Molloy is reminded of Frontline's star turns, when it mercilessly parodied current affairs shows.

"If this goes to a second series I think that's when you'll see a lot of people jumping on board," he says.

So far this series he's been tickled pink over those who have graciously stepped up to play themselves, including former TV personality, Steve Vizard.

"Strap yourself in, further down the road he makes a stunning cameo, I have to say, as himself. It's a ripper."

Molloy plays Dave Davies, a faded television comic who turns to producing TV, when he fosters a team of university comics set to be the next big thing in television. The similarities to The Chaser are hard to ignore.

"There's no getting around that," he concedes. "It's based on a Chaser-style group. But I think it would be blunting its real power to suggest it's based around one specific TV show. I think it's based around all comedies."

His own role is an extension of many he has met across his 20-year career.

"It's an amalgamation of people they've come across in their time, but I think I know 'Dave Davies' pretty well. It wasn't a great stretch for me."

Also appearing in the cast are the four comics, Ben Geurens, Christian Barratt-Hill, Andrew Ryan and Travis Cotton. They are joined by Susie Porter as a network exec, Emily Taheny as a producer and Deborah Kennedy as his agent. Viewers will recognise Kennedy from her many support roles and her now-famous Yellow Pages ad "Not Happy, Jan!"

"That girl has comedy chops," says Molloy. "All those scenes were a pleasure to do."

But on a modest budget, the restaurant meetings between Davies and his agent were also very long shoots, as the series compressed the shooting and location down.

"I think even she said she's never had to perform so much dialogue in any day of shooting. But we really enjoyed it because we were egging each other on. I would work with her anywhere, anytime. She's in the pantheon of great performers."

The Jesters airs 9:30pm Tuesdays on Movie Extra.

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Sep 29, 2009
good show, but by no means can it be compared to Frontline