Is there hope for The Simple Life?

Though Fox unceremoniously booted The Simple Life's fourth season off of its January schedule last week, the Associated Press is reporting that series star Paris Hilton will not give up on her show that easily.

"We're shooting November first," the newly single heiress stated at a Louis Verdad fashion show yesterday. "All the networks are fighting over it."

The Simple Life's first three seasons chronicled the capers of Hilton and her best friend, Nicole Richie, as they traveled the country in search of gainful employment. Their unique blend of rich-girl entitlement, ignorance of the average American lifestyle, and the occasional barbed joke or unexpected moment of sweetness ensured that their show was a hit. The young socialites have since parted ways, however, and are apparently no longer on speaking terms.

While Fox insists that it simply does not have room on its schedule for another installment of The Simple Life, rumors suggest that the network feared the show could not succeed with the new format necessitated by the rift between its stars. The show's producers maintain their confidence in the expected quality of the new episodes and expect the show to find a new home shortly.

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