Is Two and a Half Men Getting the Reboot?

... CBS has a problem: How does it save its hit comedy Two and a Half Men when its star is a drug-snorting, hooker-banging nuisance? Easy... replace him! Show creator Chuck Lorre is busy trying to come up with a new take on Two and a Half Men in time for CBS' important Upfront presentation in May (Upfronts are where advertisers buy ad space for networks' fall schedules are decided), and he's said to be offering a more substantial role for Jon Cryer and introducing a new to-be-cast character to the program. [THR]

... NCIS has renewed the contract of fan-favorite Cote de Pablo for two more seasons, ensuring her character Ziva David won't be killed off the show. Or if she is, she'll appear in tons of flashbacks, or her twin sister Niva David will be hanging around all the time. If you see Pablo out, let her buy the drinks. She'll be making about $120,000 per episode. [Deadline Hollywood]

... In lamer NCIS news, show creator Don Bellisario, who left the show in 2007 over differences with star Mark Harmon, has sued CBS over NCIS: Los Angeles. Bellisario's suit claims his contract said he had "first opportunity" to participate in any spin-offs of NCIS, but CBS denied him that opportunity. CBS said in a statement, "That's total B.S., man." I'm paraphrasing. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Meredith Vieira hast announced that she's leaving the Today show in June. Newsreader Ann Curry will be promoted to her spot and co-host with Matt Lauer, who was also rumored to be leaving but has denied such falsehoods. This all probably makes sense to people who wake up before 10am, so go ask one of them. [THR]

... NBC is considering adapting the John Grisham novel The Firm into a series. The book was the subject of the 1991 movie starring Tom Cruise when he was less crazy, and follows a hotshot young lawyer who doesn't realize he's working for a criminal organization. Oh come on dude, you're a lawyer! All lawyers are criminals! [EW]

... Britain, I'm so sorry. It looks like we're exporting a version of The Marriage Ref your way. Hey, at least we gave you guys McDonald's! [Comedy]

... And here's a rumor that's probably total hogwash, but it's out there so let's talk about it. Supernatural fans, avert your eyes if you don't like spoilers, even the kind that are almost 100 percent fake. Someone tweeted that Misha Collins, who plays trenchcoated angel Castiel, won't be back for the recently announced Season 7 of Supernatural. This all stems from one person's tweet, so let's just assume that person is a huge jerk. [Blastr]

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