Is X Factor Judge Cheryl Cole Already an Ex-Judge?

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... Cat fight! Cat fight! The American X Factor hasn't even aired on TV yet, and already there are rumors about a shakeup on the judge's panel. Sultry British singer Cheryl Cole was named one of the show's four judges, but apparently she's been fired for reasons unknown. Replacing Cole will be Nicole Scherzinger, the former Pussycat Doll who was originally hired to co-host the show (along with Steve Jones). Can we just expose this for what it is? An obvious plant to drive hype before the show airs. [TMZ]

... The final performance episode of American Idol has been the most-watched program of its night ever since it started, back in 238 B.C. (slight exaggeration), but last night history got kicked in the head. The finale of Dancing With the Stars, in which the winners of the season were named, outdrew American Idol last night, 21.4 million viewers to 20.6 million viewers. Idol still won the 18-49 demographic, however. [Orlando Sentinel]

... DirecTV has announced the premiere date for Season 4 of Damages. Anyway, so my cat has been doing this really cute thing where he—what? You just want the premiere date? Fine, it's July 13. I didn't want to talk to you anyway. []

... With the television season over, Nielsen has released its annual ranking of shows by their performance in the 18-49 demographic. Number one was the Wednesday performance edition of American Idol, averaging an 8.8 rating. Here are the top 10:

1. American Idol, Wednesday (Fox) - 8.8
2. Sunday Night Football (NBC) - 8.0
3. American Idol, Thursday (Fox) - 7.7
4. NFL Sunday Pre-Game (NBC) - 5.6 [tied with...]
4. The Voice (NBC) - 5.6
6. Dancing WIth the Stars, Tuesday (ABC) - 4.8 [tied with...]
6. Modern Family (ABC) - 4.8
8. NFL Post-Game (Fox) - 4.6
9. The Big Bang Theory (CBS) - 4.4
10. Survivor (CBS) - 4.3 [tied with...]
10. Grey's Anatomy (ABC) - 4.3

For the record, the bottom five were: One Tree Hill (CW, 0.8), School Pride (NBC, 0.7), Hellcats (CW, 0.7), Life Unexpected (CW, 0.7), and Shedding for the Wedding (CW, 0.5). Way to go, CW! For the entire list, hit the link. [EW]

... Pop! VH1 is bringing back its incredibly informative show Pop Up Video, as well as its peek-behind-the-curtain Behind the Music. We'll finally get to see info-bubbles that tell us 1,000 facto-nuggets about Rihanna's ass. In other VH1 news, Mob Wives and Love & Hop Hop were renewed. [LA Times]

... The creators of The Tudors and Camelot are teaming up again for Vikings, a 10-episode period drama about everyone's favorite Norse rabble-rousers. It's unclear where the project will end up, but it's looking like a good bet for cable, specifically premium cable. That means there's gonna be boobs! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Anna Kournikova is joining The Biggest Loser as the season's new trainer next season, fulfilling the fantasies of fat men everywhere who've always dreamed of having a hot, blonde Russian girl scream at them until they pass out from exertion. [People]

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