It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Meedio!

Meedio TV is a digital-video-recorder software application that lets you use your existing PC and a TV tuner card to watch, pause, schedule, and record TV shows, much like other digital video recorders. Meedio, however, is different from other DVRs in that it doesn't charge a monthly subscription fee, and it uses a standard PC, allowing you to upgrade and expand your system. Additionally, there's no charge for multiple tuners.

Meedio TV is also available as part of a software package called Meedio Essentials, which lets users manage and access digital photos, music, video, news, weather, games, and almost any other type of digital information that's on your PC, home network, or the Internet.

Both Meedio TV and Meedio Essentials use a full-screen graphical interface that's specially designed to be used with a remote control so you can connect your PC to your TV and then use it just like a DVD player or set-top box. Meedio Essentials can also be modified with additional features, like VoIP, caller ID, and interactive maps.

Interestingly, Meedio also makes a product called Meedio HouseBot. This is a home automation server that can monitor and control devices, such as lights, appliances, thermostats, security systems, and human dreams. Even more incredible, your computer will grow a sentient brain and decide to enslave man at the hands of an army of robots.

So never miss another episode of Cops! For more information about this cool product, check out Meedio's Web site.

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