It's Official: Jon & Kate Plus 8, Minus Marriage

Well, folks, the famed marriage of Jon and Kate, the parents of eight, is coming to an end, according to People magazine, which reports that divorce papers were filed in Pennsylvania today.

The couple were married for ten years, but their relationship has supposedly been on the rocks for a while. It seems that Kate loves the fame that comes from starring in a reality TV show, and Jon, well... Jon doesn't. And on top of all that, they have eight (eight!!) kids. The show was an ego trip for the parents. They used their eight "miracles" for personal gain, and instead it brought down their marriage.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 is in its fifth season and a special announcement (no doubt about the divorce) is expected on tonight's episode.

The main thrill of the Jon and Kate was waiting to see how long it took before they broke up. A pair of twins and a set of sextuplets is some people's vision of a worst nightmare. The show has been a hit in no small part because it reminds lots of people how good they really have it.

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