It's Official: Two and a Half Men Is Killing Off Charlie

The new Two and a Half Men

More details have leaked concerning the minor adjustment Two and a Half Men will undergo at the start of its ninth season: You know, the one where the show phases out Charlie Sheen’s character, Charlie Harper, to make room for Ashton Kutcher, whose character is listed as "Raymond" on IMDb. Deadline reports that the rumors we heard in June are true: Charlie will indeed be killed off. The "how" is still up in the air, though no one is ruling out "drives car over cliff," a scenario first floated by TMZ. The season premiere will jump ahead in time to reveal Charlie’s brother, Alan (Jon Cryer), and nephew, Jake (Angus T. Jones), attempting to sell his Malibu house to potential buyers. Kutcher plays a potential buyer who, by the end of the two-parter, will own the home and, for ease-of-sitcom purposes, allow the other one-and-a-half guys to live there.

And so I throw this one open to you: Are you Sheen loyalists who won't tune in out of principle? Or are you Two and a Half Men mega-fans who'd watch the show through thick and thin? Are you neither, but perhaps gawking passers-by who'll show up for the premiere just to see what kind of wisecracks the show will make at Sheen's expense, and how well Kutcher fares in his first foray into scripted TV since That ‘70s Show? Or are you just ignoring the whole thing completely?

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