iTunes lands more TV shows

Apple's iTunes digital media store continued to add to its video catalog today, garnering content from Turner Broadcasting System channels CNN and Cartoon Network, including several popular Adult Swim shows.

iTunes said today that it acquired CNN's CNN Presents news documentary program, as well the Cartoon Network's Johnny Bravo (season one) and three Adult Swim shows: Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Venture Bros., and Sealab 2021 (season three).

TBS has been offering free video podcasts via iTunes for several months, including podcasts of CNN's Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer and Reliable Sources, as well as podcasts from Adult Swim.

Late last week, Apple said that iTunes had added content from E! Entertainment Television, including The Simple Life: 'Til Death Do Us Part starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, The Girls Next Door, and The Soup.

Each episode sells for $1.99 on iTunes. Apple said it now has more than 150 TV shows available for download on iTunes.

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