ITV is set for 'Life'

The popular US drama, Life, is heading to UK screens this autumn.

It brought us Entourage, Numb3rs and Jericho, and now, ITV is set to bring UK viewers yet another hit American drama--Life. Series one has already proved popular in the US and ITV is hoping to continue its success across the pond.

Life tells the story of Detective Charlie Crews, a former cop, who after years of false imprisonment, returns to the force with a new philosophy on crime fighting.

"He's very different to the average person who might have become complacent or smug about their life. He's living every moment intensely," explained Damien Lewis, the British actor who plays Detective Crews, in a statement. "I'm not really like Charlie - I think my views are quite traditional in general."

Lewis was head-hunted for the part by the show's producers after his role in Band of Brothers, and it's the first American role he's played. "I just think the industry is a global thing now and I think producers and audiences just want the people that are best for each particular role. It seems to be working out so it's been great," he added.

Alongside Lewis is a supporting cast that includes Emmy Award Winner Adam Arkin (Chicago Hope) as Crews' former cellmate Ted Early.

Life is due to premiere in the UK this autumn on ITV4. Will you be watching?

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