ITV Kicks Entourage Out

ITV2 has "no plans" to air season seven of Entourage, it has been revealed.

The seventh season of Entourage will not be aired on ITV2 after the channel, which aired the sixth season last year, failed to reach an agreement over its UK broadcast. An ITV spokesperson told today that talks "didn't work out on this occasion."

In the States the show's seventh season, which guest-stars Eminem and Christina Aguilera, debuted on Sunday (June 27) on HBO. According to Mark Wahlberg, the show's executive producer, only six additional episodes will air after this run - concluding the series in 2011. A film is also being adapted.

Previously, ITV2 aired new Entourage episodes four days after their American airdate. There's no talk of another UK channel stepping in just yet, but it's clear whoever does will certainly make us wait longer.

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Jul 03, 2010

Yeah, we most definately need yet a lame comedy. Entourage is witty and something one can watch while actually relaxing.
Jul 02, 2010
Excellent, we don't need this show, a pretty boy actor and the friends that sponge off him is not interesting. They should replace it with Community now that's a show that we need ASAP.

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