ITV3 gives Scots second chance with The Bill

ITV3 has changed its schedule to include The Bill so that Scottish viewers don't miss out following the show's cancellation by ITV's franchise holder in the region, STV.

The Scottish channel has dropped many of the programmes supplied to it by ITV. Long-running soaps Coronation Street and Emmerdale escaped the chop; however, The Bill, Lewis and Kingdom were not quite so lucky. It's believed these cancellations are due to growing disputes between the STV and ITV plc.

ITV3 will give The Bill's Scottish audience a chance to keep up with the new episodes that they have missed from next Wednesday, July 29, at 11pm. The ongoing series, which is also aired on ITV1, will then be aired regularly on ITV3 on Mondays from 11pm. It is not clear if similar schedule arrangements will be made for the other axed ITV shows.

An ITV spokesman has told The Guardian: "STV has taken the decision to opt out of broadcasting The Bill. However, we're pleased that fans in Scotland will still be able to watch the Bafta award-winning drama as we will be repeating it every week on ITV3."

STV will replace the cancelled shows with home-grown programmes and international movies.

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