Jameela Jamil finds T4 surreal

The presenter joined the weekend entertainment show in February, but confessed she is still starstruck by co-presenters Steve Jones and Miquita Oliver.

"I've literally grown up watching Simon and Miquita and that lot, so I've never known a weekend without that lot - it's still a little bit surreal," Jameela said at the Nokia Skate Almighty event.

She added: "T4 On The Beach was really weird - we stood on the stage in between Miquita and Steve thinking 'this can't possibly be happening'."

On joining the show, Jameela laughed: "I don't think I have ever known palpitations quite like that!"

Jameela also said she found being interviewed by journalists strange, as she is normally the one asking the questions on T4.

"I find being interviewed really surreal - I find it really, really bizarre," she said. "I still get a little bit starstruck, that sounds really sad does it, but I am just like, people watching."

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