James Franco Is Really Excited About Hosting the Oscars

He pulled a Titanic last night and screamed "I'm hosting the Oscars, motherf**kers!" from the roof of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

This video features a mega shark, a crocosaurus, and Family Matters' Jaleel White, courtesy of Syfy's latest creature feature.

The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder was very charming last night on The Tonight Show—at least when he could be heard over all the pre-pubescent shrieking.

On Wednesday, Conan O'Brien vowed to wear jeggings for an entire episode. Last night, he fulfilled that promise.

Arrested Development's Jessica Walter is playing another TV mom on TVLand's newest original series, Retired at 35. Here's a behind-the-scenes preview.


... Why can't Glee's Kurt and Blaine just make out already? Here's a sneak peek of them singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" from next week's episode.

... According to TVSquad, these are the biggest bonehead TV moments from 2010.

... Boardwalk Empire's Michael Kenneth Williams is ready to move beyond The Wire. "There's no Omar in Chalky," he told the Los Angeles Times.

... Glee and Mad Men have had a big influence on baby names over the past year. I just hope no one's naming their kid "Puckleberry."

... Now that Jesus—er, Simon Cowell—has moved on from American Idol, the judges might not be mean to the contestants anymore.

... It's almost Christmas, and you know what that means—commercials will get more hilarious (and more frequent).

... Here's TV Without Pity's list of this year's the nicest and naughtiest TV characters.

... Based on this new promo, Oprah's new network is going to be really, really obnoxious.

... David Hasselhoff is quite stoked to be back on television.

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Dec 04, 2010
Oh, James Franco... Awesome as ever. Same goes to Ian Somerhalder. And as far as mega shark & co. and jeggins go... LOL
Dec 04, 2010
can't say I disagree with any of the "bonehead moments"...
Manjeggings should be a felony offense!

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