Jamie Archer voted off X Factor

He and Lloyd Daniels came bottom of the score board for the public vote and so faced a sing-off.

But after the judges decision resulted in a tie it was left up to the public to make a final decision for the fourth week running.

Simon Cowell voted to send the Welsh teenager home but Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh both wanted to eliminate Jamie.

This left Dannii Minogue with the deciding vote, before announcing her decision, she said: "We have got two pop stars in front of us. We are looking for a recording artist. It's about who sang the best. The act I'm sending home tonight is Lloyd."

Cowell looked shocked as it was announced that Jamie had earned the lowest number of viewer votes.

Once again spikey haired twins John and Edward managed to make it through to another round.

Jamie, nicknamed "Jamie Afro" because of his distinctive hair, said after being told he would be leaving the competition: "I just want to thank everyone who supported me.

"It's not the end - it's the beginning."

Of his plans, the 33-year-old musician said: "I'm going to do a few gigs. I just want to make a record and get out there and play."

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I was so sad when he was voted off !! and angry and confused i just couldn't understand how the twins got through and he didn't !! I really hope he makes it he deserves it, so untill his album comes i'll just "Go with the 'Fro " and wait.
add a comment The public voted for Lloyd (and the twins)but Jamie will still do well...
add a commentI can't believe that Jamie went over Llolyd and the twins are still in over Jamie. I was quite shocked and a little bit angry

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