Jane Lynch is the Nicest Person Ever

Beloved FOX dramedy Glee just got picked up for Season 2, and we couldn't be happier. To celebrate, we thought we'd dish out some great quotes from Jane Lynch's recent conference call with reporters. She's nothing like her Glee character, Sue Sylvester, by the way. Aren't you curious to see how Jane sees it?

On Sue Sylvester's personality: "I think there's a decency to Sue. She just really enjoys being an awful person. She really gets great glee, if you will, out of being a terrible person, but there were three or four different moments in the last 12 episodes where you saw kind of a decency, kind of a rationality that wasn't there before. I think she just really enjoys shocking people."

On playing Sue: "I always say when I put on that track suit, I have a license to say anything I want. I think it's probably very good therapy, because I'm a much nicer person at home. I get it all out at work, and that kind of contemptuousness and heinous behavior is just very shallowly below the surface for me, so it's kind of nice."

On Sue's upcoming musical number: "It's kind of a dream come true because I love to sing. I got to sing in A Mighty Wind... It's not as easy as one thinks. You have to be right on pitch-wise and you have to be right on time-wise, and I always thought I was very good at those things, but according to Adam [Anders, Glee's musical producer] I am not. He had to direct me several times."

On the challenges of said musical number: "Dancing is the thing that I have to work ten times harder [at] than everybody else."

On all the recent attention she's been getting: "What's wrong with an interaction that starts with "I love you"?"

On her impressive resume: "When we do Best in Show and A Mighty Wind and Christopher Guest movies, we have to create the characters and improvise, and when you improvise, you really have to know who your character is. You have to be very thorough in creating a character, whereas when you do a television show you can kind of float by on what they give you. But we kind of have a whole cloth to create with Best in Show. It makes me more aggressive and demand more from myself when I do a scripted show—I see it as being creative. My character process is probably a little more creative than if I hadn't done that kind of work where I had to create something out of whole cloth."

On whether she'd like to branch out from comedy: "I think there's humor to any role and I think that if you look at all the great actors in this world, they can also do comedy. So like a straight on drama role, like someone very heavy, I don't have much sympathy for very heavy characters, there's got to be something funny about them to make them tolerable. So yes, I certainly wouldn't mind that at all. It would also feel good to exercise some with those muscles and to challenge myself in kind of a different venue."

On her upcoming Golden Globes outfit: "No track suit."

On directing desires: "I think I'd like to ... I haven't spoken to anybody about it, but I love directing and I love calling the shots. I think [Glee] would be a great place to do it, because the directors we get and the writers we have are just so amazing. Our DP [Director of Photography Chris Baffa] is great, because you have to have a great DP if you want to be a great director. I think I'm learning at the feet of many masters."

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