January 10, 2006 DVD Releases

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Volume 5.3

The latest in a slew of Andromeda releases brings us back once again to the epic tale of Captain Dylan Hunt and his immense starship. Once famed for his triumphant role in USA's Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Kevin Sorbo astonished audiences a second time with his magnificent portrayal of the brave Captain Hunt, who awoke from a cryogenically induced sleep to find that three centuries had slipped by. Andromeda followed Hunt and his faithful crew as they struggled to reinstate the fallen Commonwealth of galaxies and restore order to a faltering universe.

This two-disc DVD set includes four 60-minute episodes from the middle of Andromeda's fifth and last season. "Through a Glass Darkly" shows a presumed-dead friend returning to save the Seefra-5; "Pride Before the Fall" brings Beka some frightening news about her new boyfriend; "Moonlight Becomes You" introduces a mysterious man known as Ione the Sun God; and "Past is Prolix" sees tensions rise as several planets are threatened by the blistering power of Trance's sun. No special features have been announced, but previous Andromeda releases have included extras such as interviews, deleted scenes, bloopers, and more.

As Time Goes By

Reunion Specials

The sweet and humorous story of once-young lovers reunited after 38 years apart charmed BBC audiences for nine full seasons. Lionel Hardcastle and Jean Pargetter rekindled their old flame and launched a late-blooming relationship that would see the development of a lasting love and ever-expanding blended family. The series came to an end in August 2002, but 2005 brought these two special reunion episodes.

Family matters inspire both joy and conflict in these two 45-minute programs. The first involves a double case of the baby blues, as Judith and Alistair struggle with their inability to have children, while Sandy and Harry face a difficult decision as they anticipate the arrival of their first offspring. The startling arrival of a figure from Lionel's past shakes things up at the end of the first episode, but the next brings an easy resolution and welcome appearances by several more beloved characters.

Any fan of As Time Goes By is sure to appreciate this welcome chance to revisit the gentle world of Jean, Lionel, and their kin--so be sure to order yours today!

Black Books

The Complete First Series

Alcoholic Irishman Bernard Black, sole proprietor of a secondhand bookshop in London, is watching his business suffer the ill effects of his drinking problem and general bad attitude. Bernard despises his customers, closes the shop whenever he sees fit, and often nods off at the front desk. When his crooked accountant takes off, it seems as if all is lost--until bumbling stress case Manny Bianco comes to the rescue. Batty Fran Katzenjammer, who runs a neighboring junk shop, completes the odd group in a farcical romp through one bizarre exploit after another.

This single-disc set comprises the six episodes that made up BBC favorite Black Books' first season. Don't let the small number of episodes dissuade you--plenty of wicked little laughs are packed into every precious minute. Also included are extras like cast commentaries, outtakes, a photo gallery, and the second-season trailer.

Watch a clip from the Black Books DVD here!

The Flash

The Complete Series

The Flash is born when police scientist Barry Allen's lab is struck by an errant bolt of lightening. Barry is showered with the contents of dozens of vials burst by the ensuing explosion, which react with the electricity coursing through his body to produce an amazing effect: Barry has been infused with a superpower. Newly blessed with the ability to move at astonishing speeds, Barry realizes that his destiny has been altered forever. Clad in a special suit designed by fellow scientist Tina McGee, Barry--now known as The Flash--pursues the dastardly Central City criminals who continue to evade more-traditional law enforcement officers. The Flash races through a new adventure in every episode, all the while concealing his true identity from an ever-increasing roster of enemies.

This six-disc set allows you to own every thrilling second of The Flash, all put together in one convenient box. All 21 episodes--plus the original 90-minute pilot--are found here, and although no special features are included, we're sure that fans will be more than satisfied with this long-awaited release.

Watch a clip from The Flash DVD here!

The House of Eliott

Series Two

Sisters Evangeline and Beatrice Eliott, finally out from under the thumb of their strict father but left destitute by his reckless spending, are out to conquer 1920s London's fashion industry in this fascinating BBC drama. Their dual struggle for personal and fiscal independence is plagued by formidable competition and the capricious nature of their chosen business, along with the complications of love. While elder sibling Bea wrestles with the strains placed on her new marriage, beautiful young Evie embarks on an affair of the heart that could bring ruin to everything she holds dear.

This four-disc set includes all 12 episodes of The House of Eliott's second season. Watch as the sisters travel to Paris, face daunting financial difficulties, and ponder crucial decisions about the future of both their business and their lives. Special features include exclusive interviews, a photo gallery, and cast filmographies.

Men Behaving Badly

The Complete Series Three

The Complete Series Four

The BBC delivers yet another comedy hit with Men Behaving Badly, a horrifying and hilarious glimpse into the all-too-realistic escapades of housemates and buddies Gary and Tony. The sex-obsessed pair drinks, belches, and scratches their way through life's ups and downs, aided by an assortment of unsavory pals who share with them an unending lust for upstairs neighbor Deborah. While Gary struggles to maintain a relationship with long-suffering girlfriend Dorothy, Tony launches a no-holds-barred mission to win Deborah's heart.

The third and fourth seasons of Men Behaving Badly dare to give the characters a shred of emotional development, while staying true to the show's core values of beers, blondes, and boorishness. So grab yourself a brewski and a bag of chips, settle down in your favorite chair, and dive into two more seasons of total testosterone!

Nighty Night

The Complete First Series

Touted by the New York Times as "an English Curb Your Enthusiasm," Nighty Night is a darker-than-dark comedy series that follows the sinister and hilarious story of Jill Tyrell, a sociopathic hairstylist with a mission to ditch her ailing husband and replace him with a suitable substitute. Jill sticks her less-than-perfect hubby in a nursing home, tells everyone in town that he's died, and then launches a campaign to seduce her married neighbor--or at the very least, his teenage son. Writer, creator, and star Julia Davis orchestrates one cringe-inducing scenario after the next in this amazingly well-executed BBC offering.

All six half-hour episodes from the show's first season appear on this single-disc set, along with extras like outtakes and deleted scenes. Whether you're a longtime fan or a curious newcomer, you won't be disappointed by the murder, mayhem, and sheer madness of Nighty Night.

Red Dwarf

Series Seven

The British invasion continues with BBC Two's Red Dwarf, an eight-season series that chronicles the life and times of Dave Lister, sole human survivor of a radiation leak on Jupiter Mining Corporation spaceship Red Dwarf, and his odd companions. Holly, the ship's operating computer, is slowly becoming senile. Holly creates a holographic representation of Arnold Rimmer, Dave's long-dead bunkmate, to keep him company. The Cat is an odd life-form that evolved from Dave's pet feline during the three million years he spent in suspended animation, and Kryten is a service mechanoid who still feels compelled to perform his routine duties.

Red Dwarf's penultimate season was a subject of controversy among fans, for it brought significant change in both writers and cast. Even so, any fan of this strange and funny series will surely enjoy the continuing adventures of those aboard the Red Dwarf. In this three-disc set you will find eight great episodes and a vast array of extras, such as audio commentaries, fan films, deleted scenes, a "lost" episode, trailers, featurettes, and much more.

Watch a clip from the Red Dwarf DVD here!

Rising Damp

Series One

If the phrase "Yes, Miss Jones" means nothing to you, then you're probably just like us at TV.com--uncultured lovers of American TV. If, however, the words make you stand at attention with arms akimbo and an enthusiastically nodding head, you must be a fan of Rising Damp. This beloved 1970s sitcom from the foggier side of the pond starred Leonard Rossiter as Rupert Rigsby, the crotchety proprietor of a dilapidated boardinghouse. Rigsby's pretensions and bigotry create constant conflict with his boarders, including longhaired student Alan and sophisticated Philip, son of an African chief. Adding fuel to the fire is Rigsby's perpetual longing for spinster Miss Jones, who has eyes for no one but Philip.

You'll love to hate the character renowned as Britain's Archie Bunker in Rising Damp's first season, which is full of laughs, squirms, and only-in-England-style high jinks. This single-disc release includes the season's seven episodes along with extras like production notes and cast filmographies.

Strong Medicine

The Complete First Season

Lifetime's poignant and funny drama Strong Medicine--executive-produced by Whoopi Goldberg and Tammy Ader--finally arrives on DVD, bringing the story of Rittenhouse Women's Clinic and its compelling staff to your very own living room. Odd couple Dr. Luisa Delgado, a bureaucracy-battling single mom, and Dr. Dana Stowe, a Harvard graduate who has dedicated her life to cancer research, pair up to bring free medical care to those women who are most in need. Their opposing perspectives cause an abundance of conflict, but also make them an extremely well-equipped team.

Join Dana and "Lu" for hours of laughter, tears, and a hearty helping of hope with this five-disc set, comprising all 22 episodes of Strong Medicine's first season. Watch as the two doctors butt heads again and again as they learn to work together in a competently written story that will leave you waiting with bated breath for the DVD release of the next installment.

Watch a clip from the Strong Medicine DVD here!

Viva la Bam

The Complete Fourth and Fifth Seasons

Professional skateboarder, Jackass hooligan, and general pain in the neck Bam Margera scored some extra fame points with Viva La Bam, his own spin-off of MTV's hit prankster series. Viva La Bam ran for five seasons and left behind Jackass' penchant for physical pain to pursue the questionably nobler goal of tormenting Bam's long-suffering parents. The presence of friends like Chris Raab, Ryan Dunn, Rake Yohn, and beloved villain Don Vito ensures that every episode is a treasure trove of cringingly inappropriate hilarity.

These final two seasons of Viva La Bam include episodes like "The Eurotrip," in which Bam and his buddies secretly follow his parents on their romantic trip to France; "Working Class Bam," in which the lazy gang is forced to take menial jobs; and "Raab's Russian Mail-Order Bride," which involves a journey to Finland and a search for Raab's missing wife. A list of special features has yet to be released, but you can probably expect some audio commentary and other goodies.

Watch a clip from the Viva la Bam DVD here!

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