Jason Ritter a Class act for CBS

Former Joan of Arcadia costar Jason Ritter has enrolled in the CBS comedy pilot The Class.

The action begins with a party thrown by 27-year-old Ethan (Ritter) for his girlfriend, whom he met in third grade. Ethan invites six other people who were in the class with them, all of whom have since lost touch with one another. The party then becomes the springboard for following how the lives of the reunited characters continue to intersect.

Also cast in the pilot is Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who will play one of the schoolmates, a serious man going through a dark period in his life. The two join previously cast Lucy Punch.

Ritter, son of the late John Ritter, most recently was seen in the feature Happy Endings. Ferguson was a cast member of the Broadway musical The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

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Feb 09, 2006
CBS sounds like the best place right now to star a comedy.
Jan 20, 2006
I am thrilled to see Jason get another show. I think we have just begun to see the talent he has to offer.
Jan 20, 2006
It sounds like an interesting concept.

I understand the other young people are good
and Jason Ritter has proven himself *almost*
as excellent as an actor as he is in person.

I had the pleasure of having him live near me
during the filming of one of his movies.

From what I observed during the shoot and off the set,
Jason is a very professional young man combining wisdom,a sense of fun and respect for himself and those around him.

His talent,personality and the great synergy he has with other strong performers should take him beyond the
role of male ingenue to a long and varied career.

Here's hoping that this series utilizes the potential
of its open-ended premise and touches on all the myriad
funny,poignant,terrifying,intriguing,romantic and thought provoking plots it might engender.

We might get some anthology-level variety,intricate story arcs and challenging characterization.

I'm sure that would be as welcome to the cast and other
creative folk behind this series as it would be to its
intended audience.

Jan 20, 2006
Way to go Jason! I think he is so cute and a great actor and he deserves the best. Can't wait for this show!
Jan 19, 2006
Hope it will not be cancelled like his last show.

And this sounds like Fox Reunion....friends intersecting with each other yeas later.

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