Jay Leno Is Slightly Bitter About Conan's Emmy Nominations

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Passive-aggressive humor does not suit you, Jay.

This is the title sequence that Firefly really deserved.

If you forgot to watch Joel McHale and Sofia Vergara announce the Emmy nominees, you should watch it now. They are hilarious together.

BuzzSugar got a little Glee gossip out of Julie Andrews during this interview.

So, this one time, Leonard Nimoy accused William Shatner of stealing his bike.


... Weren't some of those Emmy nominations just a pleasant surprise?

... These Emmy nominees are a little closer to an EGOT!

... Jason Segel was really funny on The Today Show this morning.

... Here are some of the best and worst TV dads of all time.

... The whole LeBron James free agent TV event thing was pretty ridiculous, eh? Kind of like a throwback to those endorsement-saturated days gone by.

... What the heck is the TV hat?

... The Office's Mindy Kaling keeps chaning her mind about who should be the new boss. Now she wants it to be Dwight.

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