Jay Leno Wishes He Could Be as Hilarious as Louis CK

Look at Jay giggle!

The Sons of Anarchy folks like each other so much that they made their own motorcycle gang!


... Check out the 25 pieces of eye candy in the fall TV lineup.

... The Jeffster from Chuck is getting his own web series!

... Jennifer Aniston might be dating Cougar Town's Josh Hopkins. For some reason, I'm okay with that. He's a really nice guy.

... Here is a picture of John Stamos drilling a hole in Matthew Morrison's tooth. Don't worry, though. They're both in character on the set of Glee.

... Real Housewife Michaele Salahi is getting naked for an upcoming issue of Playboy. Maybe people will actually read the articles that month?

... Is Bristol Palin's Dancing with the Stars outfit modest enough for you?

... Law and Order: Los Angeles is doing for Los Angeles theater actors what Law and Order did for New York theater actors. How nice.

... This is the coolest escalator you will ever see.

... TV Without Pity made this awesome list of all the familiar faces returning to TV this fall.

... Tim Gunn thinks that Anna Wintour is a major diva. He also believes that the sky is blue.

... Your desk looks boring. Spice it up with these True Blood paper dolls.

... Former Spice Girl Mel B has a new show on the Style Network, and she told The Futon Critic all about it.

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Jeffster is not one person.
Louis is one of the few comics around that has had a brand new hour every year for the past few years running. He also completely retires whatever bit goes over best with the audience before any other one to force himself to write better bits. This joke is retired, but it's apart of the complete set that inspired the show, so he has to tell a joke from that set if he's trying to represent the show. The show, his last standup special, and his current tour are just three independent entities
MEh, I still don't find him particularly funny.
Yeeah, I love Louis C.K., but here's the thing, when you use a routine as part of a sitcom you kind of have to lay off of it forever afterwards. It is now tainted. Now we've all heard it, it's on Youtube, people will have the DVD at some point, so you can't go to Leno and drop it there verbatim, it just feels wrong.

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