Jedward to show off new skills

They are renowned for their out-of-tune singing and mistimed dance moves, but X Factor twins John and Edward are expected to unveil a new talent to fans.

The Irish duo are to show off their hitherto unsuspected talent on the guitar after they had a pair of unique guitars made for their solo tour.

The teenage twins, known as Jedward, kicked off a 27-date tour across Ireland earlier this month.

Two guitars, emblazoned with Irish flags, have been made for them by Freshman Guitars, based in East Kilbride.

The boutique firm has previously made instruments for action hero Steven Seagal and American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson.

The specially made instruments have already been used by the boys on the sell-out X Factor tour - along with guitars made for fellow X Factor finalists Olly Murs and Jamie Archer.

Sean Kelly, who made the guitars for Jedward, said he was shocked by their musical prowess.

The pair played tracks by US punk band Green Day while visiting the company's base in Scotland.

Mr Kelly said: "They got two guitars and they both play them.

"It surprised me how good they were. They were quite musical."

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