Jennifer Aniston, Newest Resident of Cougar Town

... If ABC's Cougar Town wasn't already full of crazy, aging women obsessed with landing hot, young studs, it soon will be. Jennifer Aniston, Hollywood's most spurned damsel, is guest-starring on the comedy's Season 2 premiere, making it a full-fledged Friends reunion with former co-star Courteney Cox. Aniston will play Cox's shrink, who gets a little too involved in her life. Wait, Aniston playing clingy? No way. [EW]

... Everyone's favorite everything Neil Patrick Harris won two Emmys at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Saturday, one for his hosting duties at the Tony Awards and one for a guest appearance on Glee. Betty White also won an award, for guesting on Saturday Night Live, as did John Lithgow for his guest role on Dexter. Full list of winners in the link! [LA Times]

... In "just kill yourself now" news, Jersey Shore beefcake Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino stands to make about $5 million this year through endorsements and business dealings. I'm super rich and that's about 4.99999999 million more than me. And what does he do to earn it? He lifts up his shirt and drinks Smirnoff Ice. [THR]

... If you know who ESPN personality Jay Mariotti is, this should come as no surprise. He was arrested for beating up his girlfriend. Allegedly. [LA Times]

... Dish Network is finally going to air AMC in HD for the first time and has been going on and on on about how it's leading the way in HD channels, even though everyone else has been watching AMC in HD for years now. Mad Men and Breaking Bad in standard def? You may as well cover your TV in mud and watch it after staring straight into the sun for four hours. [Multichannel]

... HBO's upcoming Tilda, about a Hollywood blogger that bears more than a simple similarity to Deadline Hollywood's Nikki Finke, lost showrunner Cynthia Mort after on-set head-butting with star Diane Keaton and executive producer Bill Condon. HBO fired Mort after the fights, and Mort responded with a nasty e-mail declaring that the show would fail. I love me some Hollywood gossip! [EW]

... One amusement park slide is a true hero for what it did to a Jersey Shore cast member. [Mail Online]

... The big Lost prop auction happened over the weekend, and nerds and geeks shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars for props. A blue Dharma van went for $47,500; Hurley's red and white Camaro fetched $24,000; the copy of Watership Down that Sawyer read sold for $3,300; and Oceanic Airlines water bottles went for $1,680. I have a bridge that I would like to sell to these wise investors. [NY Times]

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Aug 27, 2010
Tim - If you don't realize how intense Lost fans are by now, then you never will. I watched the auction online, and I was very happy to spend money on a really cool souvenir from the coolest TV show ever.
Aug 25, 2010
I watched the premiere of Cougar Town and vowed never to watch another second.
Aug 24, 2010
I can't believe Cougar Town got renewed, never mind that anyone is still talking about it. Aniston's presence will not help a lousy premise...
Aug 23, 2010
OK,'re 2 for get Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series and got for the hat trick!

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