Jennifer Aniston's high school romance on eBay

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Michael Baroni, a California lawyer who dated Jennifer Aniston during the summer of 1984, plans to auction off an assortment of memorabilia from the relationship.

Baroni claims that he shared a brief summer romance with Aniston when he was 16 and she was 15. Their fling ended with the arrival of fall, but the pair remained close until 1991, when Aniston's skyrocketing fame caused them to lose touch. Although Baroni is ready to sell his collection of mementos (citing "financial reasons"), he holds his former flame in high regard.

"She was very fun and lively, a loving kind of person," Baroni says. "I think the materials show an innocent look into someone I think is very endearing." On the subject of Aniston's high-profile split from actor Brad Pitt, he stated, "I think she's very strong-willed, but at the same time, she gives her heart to whatever she does. I'm sure the breakup was more his fault than hers."

The package of keepsakes includes a love letter from Aniston to Baroni, a piece of paper with her name and phone number written in lipstick, a makeshift birthday card inscribed on toilet paper, a 1974 photo of the pair sharing a hug, a page from Baroni's address book with Aniston's contact information, an autographed photo of the cast of Friends, the December 2004 issue of In Touch, which ran an article about the Baroni/Aniston relationship, and a notarized statement by Baroni to prove the items' authenticity.

The eBay auction begins on Friday, July 29, with a $100,000 reserve. If no bidder meets the reserve, Baroni will withdraw the package.

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