Jennifer Garner's baby shower

Fans "showered" pregnant star Jennifer Garner and her new husband, Ben Affleck, with 410 gifts last weekend--but the famous couple was nowhere to be seen, and all of the presents will be donated to charity.

Garner's hometown of Charleston, West Virginia, threw the huge party on Saturday, July 9 at a West Virginia Power minor league baseball game. Attendees were granted free admission to the game if they were named Jennifer or if they brought a shower gift to be given to Starting Point, a nonprofit group that offers support to needy young children and their families.

Though the pair of actors certainly can afford to purchase their own baby supplies, they have reportedly registered at Babies R Us with a list that includes a Baby Bjorn carrier, a wood furniture suite, and a high chair, among many other items.

After months of denying rumors of their engagement and plans for a family, the couple wed on June 29 and promptly announced that they were expecting their first child. According to Ron Rifkin, who costars with Garner in the hit series Alias, the actress' pregnancy will be written into the show's plot.

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Jul 30, 2005
Why didn't they just donate money to a charity in her name? Stupid. And like either of them care.