Jeremy Piven Dropped His Phone in the Toilet

... and he'd like to tell everyone about it.

Adam Scott, Brittany Snow, and a bunch of other Actors We Love made this faux iPhone 4 commerical. It's definitely NSFW, but too hilarious not to include.

Tennis player John Isner, a.k.a. America's Most Tired Man, read the Top 10 List last night on the Late Show.


... The Wire's Dominic West married his university sweetheart on Sunday... and crushed my dreams.

... Rob Lowe is writing his memoir. I'm guessing that the working title is Forever Tan?

... John Barrowman is also writing a book. Except it's not about him. And he's getting his sister to help. And it's going to be for kids. Awwww!

... These potential new titles for Cougar Town kind of suck. Keep brainstorming, Bill Lawrence!

... Kids on reality TV shows are kind of getting screwed over.

... See how the stars of the Hawaii Five-O remake compare to those from the original series.

... Which TV stars made the Forbes Celebrity 100 list? You're going to have to click and see.

... I hate all of these suggestions for potential Steve Carell replacements on The Office—except for Portia de Rossi. She would kill on that show.

... Why, yes, I have always wondered what type of bird Big Bird is.

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