Jericho fans refuse to give up

If people fought for causes the way Jericho fans have fought for their favorite show, there would be world peace, no climate crisis, and smiles on the faces of children everywhere.

Well, that may be a stretch, but those who love Jericho are a devout bunch. They organized the feel-good story of 2007, plotting a save-the-show campaign that actually worked. Upon truckload after truckload of nuts delivered to CBS, the network lifted its cancellation order and brought the show back for a seven-episode second season.

Unfortunately, viewers still didn't tune in the way CBS hoped, and the show was once again put to rest.

But a little thing like that isn't going to keep Jericho fans down. They still believe there is plenty more Jericho left to be shown, even if it isn't on CBS. So what have they done now?

They've rented a billboard in Los Angeles.

The giant sign is located on Ventura Boulevard near Vineland and is in the form of a faux-real-estate sign basically stating that Jericho is for sale. It promises 6 million fans and lists the phone number of Jericho's production house, CBS Paramount, and a Web site for more information.

The sign was funded by donations from fans and went up earlier this week. It's expected to remain up for a month. And the kicker? CBS owns the billboard.

But Jericho fans aren't stopping there. They're taking the campaign to the next level and are attempting to buy television ads promoting their cause. The idea is to get ads up on Time-Warner Cable in Los Angeles in hopes that they'll catch a producer's eye who will then revive the show.

Interesting idea, but it's going to cost them. According to one of the organizers, the cost to get ads on the cable service is $6,500. But as of a few days ago, the fans were already more than halfway there.

What does everyone think? Inspiring story or time to let go?

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