Jericho, Gilmore Girls Alums Find New Homes

Jericho and Gilmore Girls may be dead and gone, but like my dearly departed kitty Muffy Longclaws III, they've left things behind to remind us of their time here on Earth. But instead of hairballs and scratched-up furniture, these shows have left behind some great cast members -- and two of them are back in new roles.

Jericho (and favorite Lennie James, who played Robert Hawkins on the post-apocalyptic drama, has landed a significant recurring role on Fox's Lie to Me, says In the Tim Roth-starrer, James will play Ray Marsh, an old chum-emy of Dr. Lightman's from jolly old England, where they ran hustles.

Their tattered relationship gets stretched even further when Marsh is sprung from jail -- where he ended up after taking the heat for Lightman -- and seeks out what he is owed. What a perfect fit for Lennie James ... it sounds positively juicy for the talented actor.

Melissa McCarthy, who played Sookie on Gilmore Girls, is one of the industry's genuinely nice people. So it saddens us that her next role will be on the upcoming ABC sitcom Hank, starring Kelsey Grammer (

The show looks -- well, let's just say that we aren't exactly the target demographic. Grammer, who was once-upon-a-time a network exec's comedy cash cow, plays a former big-time CEO who loses his job and reconnects with the family that he has largely ignored. McCarthy will play his sister-in-law.

Lie to Me returns September 28 on Fox and Hank premieres September 30 on ABC. Are you as excited and as disappointed in these two casting announcements as we are?

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