Jersey Shore Will Return for Season 6, Starring a Pregnant Snooki

Sign up for Lamaze classes and fire up the frozen margarita dispenser: Jersey Shore is back, and pregnant Snooki is along for the ride! MTV has confirmed the popular reality show and incidental STD awareness campaign will return to Seaside Heights for a sixth season of hot-tubbing, puking, and fist-pumping good times, usually in the same night, and in that order. It tapes this summer for an as-yet-unscheduled premiere, but you’ll have two spin-off shows to watch to tide you over until then: one starring Snooki and JWoww, and another, The Pauly D Project, starring everyone’s favorite helmet-haired DJ. MTV has revealed little about the new season, save for a hint that there will be “new themes to explore.” We have so many questions!

For example:

– Morning Sickness vs. Vodka Sickness: Which elicits the most projectile vomiting?

– Does someone who always crave pickles still crave them when pregnant?

– Do pregnant bellies act as a hook-up-deterrent at Club Karma?

– What other things will they find inside Snooki’s uterus during her first ultrasound? (House keys, used condoms, the duck phone, etc.)

Viva la Shore!

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