Jessica Simpson headed for Studio 60?

Pop star Jessica Simpson, currently in the film Employee of the Month, may or may not be slated to appear on NBC's Aaron Sorkin drama Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. According to Life and Style magazine, she is. According to NBC and Simpson's representative, she isn't.

The show follows a fictional late-night sketch comedy show, and Simpson would play herself as a musical guest. Past musical guests on the show-within-the-show have been Sting and Three Six Mafia.

Life says the episode is scheduled for the November sweeps period, and NBC is hypothetically hoping Simpson's appearance will goose the show's ratings. Since its September 18 premiere, Studio 60 has lost over 30 percent of its audience.

According to the magazine, Sorkin wrote the part especially for Simpson. The remaining fans of Studio 60 may find that fact to be a bitter irony, as the show's pilot began with a scathing evisceration of network television and its need to pander to the lowest common denominator.

Whether Simpson actually appears on the show remains to be seen.

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