Jessica Simpson smooths over Bush flap

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Yesterday, it was reported that Jessica Simpson had turned down an invitation to meet with President Bush about her charity, Operation Smile. The pop singer and Newlyweds star reportedly didn't want to politicize the charity, which helps underpriveliged international kids get plastic surgery for facial deformities.

After the story made global headlines, Jessica's manager and father, Joe Simpson, tried to allay concerns that the longtime Bush supporters had cooled on the president, who is experiencing the worst US opinion polls of his tenure.

The elder Simpson said that it was a matter of scheduling, not politics, that had made a meeting impossible, and that they were still trying to meet with the president.

"We are huge fans of him and of his family, his girls. Jessica loves the heck out of him," Simpson told the Associated Press.

Jessica performed at Bush's 2001 inauguration, and has visited the White House four times.

She had glowing words for her Texas neighbor, saying "He's a very personable guy, he's a Texas guy. His ranch is four doors down from my aunt and uncle's ranch. We have lots of Texas stuff to talk about."

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