Jezebel James' return aborted

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If you put a well-respected television producer, a gifted independent-movie actress, and a proven young talent together, chances are something great will be created. Or at least that's what Fox thought.

Things looked good for the new comedy The Return of Jezebel James when it was in its infancy: Amy-Sherman Palladino of Gilmore Girls fame would write the show and run things, Best in Show's Parker Posey would star as a woman looking to have a child, and Six Feet Under's Lauren Ambrose was cast as the estranged sister who would carry the child.

However, even that wealth of talent couldn't save the new comedy. According to, the show has been canceled only a few weeks after making its series debut.

The vultures have been circling Jezebel James for months now. The show was pushed around the network's schedule a bit before seeing its 13-episode order almost cut in half to seven. But the worst news came in the most important department: ratings. Only three episodes of the show have aired, but that's probably news to most--hardly anyone watched them, a rare sour note on Fox's otherwise dream season.

Fox has yet to make a statement on the matter or confirm the cancellation, but given the bad omens surrounding the program, don't be surprised if an official statement is released soon. For those few who desperately want to know what happened in the last four episodes of season one, don't get your hopes up--unless the missing episodes are aired online, they may never be seen.

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