Jimmy Fallon's Opening Number at the Emmys Was Pretty Great

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When Jon Hamm shakes his moneymaker, the whole world watches.

And when George Clooney gets into bed with, well, anyone, the whole world seethes with jealousy.

Strange things are afoot on the UK's Ultimate Big Brother; this week alone, Coolio got thrown out of the house and a clown camped out in the Diary Room to scare the houseguests.

This dude wants to be on Glee, and he even enlisted Dr. Drew's help for his audition video.

The folks on Mad Men like to party. Just ask Kiernan Shipka, a.k.a. Sally Draper.


... Looks like Snooki found the juiced, tanned guido of her dreams. Too bad he doesn't know how to propose.

... The Glee kids aren't getting any of the royalties for all their songs. That seems wrong.

... Team Coco has redesigned its site! Let the countdown begin!

... Here's what the Glee kids and the Flight of the Conchords dudes look like Simpson-ized.

... Olivia Munn is joining Chuck's Nerd Herd! Here's a picture from the set.

... My, those Mad Men actors have to say a lot of words. Oh, wait. That's their job.

... Saturday Night Live is getting three new cast members.

... Toys-R-Us is selling Dexter dolls no matter what anyone says.

... Michael Ausiello did a lot of red carpet interviews last night at the Emmys. Just watch 'em.

... Which of these Emmy nominees would win Survivor?

... Of course io9 would compile a list of the geekiest moments from the Emmys.

... That image of Corey Haim during the "In Memoriam" montage looked a little too much like Fred Savage.

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