Jimmy Kimmel Is Hosting the 2012 Emmys!

Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the 64th Annual Emmy Awards! The late-night talk show host will don his finest penguin suit and preside over TV’s biggest night on Sept. 23 at L.A.’s Nokia Theater.

Let’s put him up against the last six hosts in our Emmys Fantasy League and see who comes out on top:

63rd Annual Emmys: Jane Lynch vs. Jimmy K.
Winner: Jimmy

62nd Annual Emmys: Jimmy Fallon vs. Jimmy K.
Winner: Fallon

61st Annual Emmys: Neil Patrick Harris vs. Jimmy K.
Winner: Draw

60th Annual Emmys: Tom Bergeron, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Jeff Probst and Ryan Seacrest vs. Jimmy K.
Winner: Jimmy

59th Annual Emmys: Ryan Seacrest vs. Jimmy K.
Winner: Jimmy

58th Annual Emmys: Conan O’Brien vs. Jimmy K.
Winner: Conan

But how do you feel about this development?

Commenter JT_Kirk, who is very opinionated about comedy (and we love him for it), recently outlined his general problem with Kimmel:

Ugh, what is it about Jimmy Kimmel where he has funny ideas and then entirely botches the execution? That drives me crazy, and his faux-Leno "honest everyman comedian" presentation makes it all the more frustrating.

Interesting theory, JT! It got me thinking about that series of “Hottie Body” exercise video parodies Kimmel did last year, which got a bunch of hot, A-list Hollywood actresses to hump an inflated ball. It just wasn’t very funny. At the time, I asked a few smart, funny, women bloggers I knew to offer their opinion, and most of them even thought it was sexist.

But some of the guy's bits work really well. For example, his holiday challenge pranks, in which he asks his audience to pretend to eat their kids’ Halloween candy, or pretend that they’ve bought their kids a terrible gift for Christmas, and then videotape their kids’ reactions.

It’s cruel, but hilarious.

Bottom line, I think Kimmel is a great choice. What do you think?

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