Jimmy Kimmel Live Must Go On, Even During A Power Outage

Jimmy Kimmel can handle anything!

This is what happens when a feminist meets a satirist.

David Letterman is a good friend. Last night, he helped his buddy Regis Philbin overcome his fear of seafood.

When Brian Williams slow-jams the news (as he did last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), you listen.


... John Lithgow talked to The Hollywood Reporter about his "over the top" acting career.

... According to the New York Times, Jason Lee's new show Memphis Beat joins Treme and Justified in the slow TV category.

... Did you know that the Top Chef producers' production company is called "Magical Elves"? Cute.

... These attractive stars will make TV worth watching this summer.

... Mad Men's Jared Harris was kind enough to talk to TV Without Pity—but he didn't say much about Season 4.

... The AV Club defends the surprisingly funny fourth season of 'Til Death.

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see jimmy fallon is funny, i dont get why his ratings dropped 20%
Who cares about Jimmy Kimmel. Really.
Jimmy Kimmel is great.

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