Jimmy Kimmel Loads Up on Celebs for His Post-Oscars Sketch (VIDEO)

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That's Tom Hanks as a simple-minded robotic lawyer with AIDS who was turned into grown-up by a carnival game in WWII while rescuing a Private Ryan. Oh, and he cross dresses.

No one comes more prepared for a post-Oscars show than Jimmy Kimmel, ABC's late-night talker who has made a tradition out of capping off the Academy Awards with a special live broadcast of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The highlight of Kimmel's show this year was a funny fake-movie trailer jam-packed with celebrities who spoofed the state of cinema more than Pauly Shore's career. Have a look, and try to keep track of all the famous people you see.

That was like all of Hollywood condensed into eight minutes!

I'll take Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston as the flying hot-dog vendor as my favorite, followed by Centaur Gary Oldman, Fruit of the Loom Matt Damon, and Kate Beckinsale as a sexy, Chewbacca-dumping Kate Beckinsale. Utterly ridiculous and just the way we like it.

Which cameo wins your post-Oscars Oscar?

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