Jimmy Kimmel Takes Modern Family's Nolan Gould to Costco

Word to the wise: Do not anger the Oreo samples lady.

Modern Family is rather proud of its Emmy wins. And rightfully so.

In this behind-the-scenes video, Justin Bieber shares his memories of watching CSI growing up. HE IS STILL GROWING UP.

Here are some kids pretending to be the Kardashians. Aren't there actual Kardashians they could have cast in this?

Meghan McCain hates Bristol Palin. Fight! Fight!

Chelsea Handler is delightful, even when she's talking to Jay Leno.


... Leave it to Funny or Die to make a Seinfeld porn parody.

... This Fringe Season 3 cast photo and this clip from the season premiere make me very happy.

... Here's a lil' interview with Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss.

... According to TV Squad, these are the worst new fall shows.

... The powers that be at The Office are now thinking about replacing Steve Carell with two people—one as the show's star and another as the Dunder Mifflin boss.

... Tim Allen might be returning to TV next fall! It's about (tool) time!

... Spoiler alert! Here's a snapshot from the upcoming Grey's Anatomy wedding.

... If you play Hoda Kotb on SNL, you're probably going to get fired.

... Will someone please buy me this SNL board game?

... The UK folks celebrated the end of their version of Big Brother by holding a funeral.

... Here are five Q's with Nikita's Maggie Q.

... In anticipation of Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, TVGuide made this list of the biggest awards show disasters.

... TV Without Pity is looking forward to a season full of ridiculous reality show moments.

... Certain TV dramas were just made for marathoning.

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Can't wait for Fringe to return.
That Jimmy and Nolan at Costco video was amusing.
One of Kimmels worser segments
i don't get it... CBS airs CSI in Canada but I can't watch their online content.
cant wait for modern family

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