Jimmy Kimmel’s Exercise Video Stars Every Sex Symbol in Hollywood and Lindsay Lohan

Like a fantasy league for horny teenaged boys, Jimmy Kimmel unveiled a mock exercise infomercial during Sunday’s post-Oscars show starring every female sex object in Hollywood: Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara, Minka Kelly, Kelly Ripa, Jessica Biel, Emily Blunt, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, and even a newly rehabbed Lindsay Lohan. (Take that, David Letterman.) Are you up to the “Hottie Body Humpilates” challenge?

Later in the show, guest Tom Hanks revealed his secret life as a stage dad, recalling his daughter's recent experience at the Miss Ultimate Sexy Baby Nevada competition, Toddlers and Tiaras-style. (And as it turns out, Hanks isn't the only celebrity stage dad in Hollywood; keep an eye out for another famous father around the five-minute mark.)

Were Kimmel's post-Oscars skits better than those aired during the Oscars themselves? It seems so.

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