J.J. Abrams erecting Dark Tower?

And child J.J. to the Dark Tower came.

The Lost creator is reportedly in talks to possibly produce and/or direct a film version of Stephen King's epic book series The Dark Tower. A Tower movie has been rumored since the first novel was released in 1982, but the epic scope of the project has hindered many efforts.

The fantasy/Western book series spans seven novels as it tells the story of the last gunslinger--Rolande, a knight who protected the fabled land of Gilead--who wanders a postapocalyptic alternate universe in a quest to destroy the Dark Tower and the evil that dwells within it. Along the way, he collects a ragtag band of followers from various dimensions and time periods.

According to Hollywood Reporter, King is hoping a filmmaker with a strong vision can help the process along. The author is a self-professed fan of Lost and Abrams.

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