J.J. Abrams talks about Lost

J.J. Abrams is one busy man.

The Lost creator directed the Tom Cruise summer movie Mission Impossible III and is ramping up production on a new Star Trek movie, which he also might direct. He has also committed to being more involved in Lost this season, along with overseeing his sophomore show What About Brian and the new series Six Degrees.

The harried TV mogul sat down for a teleconference with reporters yesterday.

Abrams said that after complaints last season that Lost's narrative suffered from too many reruns and episode breaks, he wanted to run it in one unbroken block, starting later in the season.

"We thought about running it in one chunk like 24, but the network was clear they wanted something for the fall, he said. "Lost is being run masterfully by Damon [Lindeloff] and Carlton [Cuse] ... But we can't promise we won't make you crazy this season."

He joked that working on so many shows is sometimes problematic.

"I went to the set of What About Brian and I tried to get him to express absolute terror of [Lost villains] The Others," he laughed. "God, that was a long way to go for a bad joke, huh?"

When asked if people read what they want to read into his shows, the prolific creator agreed.

"There's no question," he asserted. "I think that with anything that is analyzed, people will discover things that sometimes were intended and other times were an absolute accident."

Abrams said he was eager to get back to Lost after taking time off last season.

"I'm depressed because I was supposed to leave today to direct an episode with a mindblowing story, but because of these other shows I was unable to do that," Abrams said. "I'll be able to direct an episode later in the season. Damon has managed to maintain a level of gripping storytelling, so I don't want to sound like I am going to give back to the show something that it's missing. I simply miss playing an active part in it. It was just an absolute joy getting to write the first episode of the season."

He said that Lost has changed somewhat from the original pilot that he and Lindeloff wrote.

"Given the sheer quantity of episodes that need to be created, there is just no way you can foresee where the story will go," he said. "The rhythm of the piece kind of defines itself...and is also the result of actors, directors, and editors. The audience might see something important that we don't, as well."

Abrams is at a loss as to whether or not there is a general overall theme to all of his shows.

"Felicity, Alias, Lost--those are shows that for whatever reason I was inspired to write," he opined. "Certain thematic connections are private insane moments that luckily no on else has to see."

What About Brian wasn't a ratings champ, but the show got picked up because the network had faith that audiences would respond to it. Abrams says that after some tweaking, the show is more entertaining than ever.

"I didn't want to set What About Brian on a space station--although that's not a bad idea," he quipped. "But i just wanted to turn over the stories and create compelling situations so that it felt more like...a very sweet universe. This season, it's the same show but on all cylinders."

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this show is still great, sure the opener wasn't as good as last year, but I guarantee this show will be just as strong as it always has been by the middle of the season. They will tie some of the loose ends in the story, and the add more to it after the other things are explained.
I trhink Lost has gotten to complicated for its own good
well im not sure if this really connects to the show, you know because maybe 1/3 of the people watching lost are paying attention to this, so maybe its just a ploy for viewers.

real meaning:

Well pretty much the Hanso foundation started this after the cuban missle crisis. After fearing that the world would be destroyed because of nuclear war, scientists from both countries secretly started calculating the exact number of years and months we have before the people of this planet destroy it =(4 8 15 16 23 42)--dont ask me exactly how they go, or what order because I have no idea. So they send people to this island, with all these tools and things, to try and find ways to save humanity, or try to make earth live alittle longer. (I guess some thing have to do with animals, some with plant life, Im not sure.)

Soon after the video of Alver Hanso talking, another video comes on (with horrible acting), where this one guy is standing in front of this group, talking about how Dharma failed and that soon they will be trying out this wierd vaccine and killing villages of people, trying to see if some sort of virus is working. very complicated.
Jimbo-Jones: So what is the meaning of the numbers? I must have missed that!
I actually enjoyed the second season. Slow, but very entertaining. I love all the mythology stuff, and some people dont so that may be why some didnt like it as much.

PS: on my other comment I talked about the Lost podcast, and some people were asking me about it. Here the link for others that havent seen it yet.

That was PR guff of the highest order. "mindblowing story"

The only problems he addressed was the broken schedule. He can't even admit to the show's narrtive failings. C'mon, it's so un-focused, hence why people switched off.

Abrams is one of those people who can't finish what he starts. It's an age old writing rule that you should finish one thing before the other. He's an example of what happens when you get bored and go off to do something else in the meantime. Things get fussed about until it's not really how you wanted things to work out.

He obviously didn't like the second season (who did?!), hence why he's jumping back in before they make the most stupid mistake this side of Alias (which fell apart after he got lazy).
I agree, hes got alittle to much on his plate. And everytime I hear more from writers or others about Lost, it sounds more and more like these people are really making this up as they go along, and thats starting to scare me.

I mean half way through season 2, they were saying "we may not even tell what the 'numbers' mean at all", and all of the sudden, a month ago, they come out with this podcast where they tell all about the dharma, and what the numbers are actually meant to represent.
He needs to learn how to commit.

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