Joan Collins wants US glamour role

The actress is hoping to take her recent TV show, Joan Does Glamour, to the US.

But the former Dynasty star has refrained from judging females across the Atlantic, saying: "Comparisons are odious, women are women."

Collins, 76, has previously criticised the modern wardrobe as "sloppy" and "lazy".

"For too long it has been acceptable to wander around in T-shirts, trainers and low-slung sweat pants.

"I want to show British women that you don't need a designer budget to achieve a glamorous and timeless style", she has said.

"If people took a bit more care of their appearance, they might feel a little bit better about themselves."

Collins said she was pleased with the reception the TV show received in Britain.

The actress was speaking at the launch of an online backup service involving Simon Cowell's younger brother Nicholas.

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