Joaquin Phoenix Apologizes to David Letterman, Who May or May Not End Up Suing Him

Yep, still awkward.

Craig Ferguson is joining the cast of The Big Bang Theory! Just kidding.

Why don't more adults watch Sesame Street? Check out this True Blood parody.

Jon Stewart marched into enemy territory The O'Reilly Factor head-on.

I'm sure you all would like to see Sofia Vergara hold a Shake Weight.

Here's the official first interview with the official new American Idol judges.


... Matthew Morrison and Kristen Bell used to date in college.

... Project Runway wants Tim Gunn to shut up.

... Jorge Garcia got to sing with Weezer!

... The watermelon-in-the-face lady speaks!

... Wouldn't it be fun to work in these TV offices?

... The sister wives from Sister Wives visited The Today Show this morning.

... The world still waits for the resolution of these series-finale cliffhangers.

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