John McCain disses Letterman, Dave bites back

Liar, liar, John McCain's pants are on fire.

The man who could be America's next president is already showing similarities to former presidents Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and pretty much everyone else who has put their feet up on the desk of The White House's Oval Office. Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) was scheduled to appear on CBS' Late Show With David Letterman last night, but had to cancel because he had to suspend his presidential campaign and work on the whole "economic collapse thing." At least that's what he told dear old Dave.

Letterman's camp obviously cooperated, given that McCain told the late-night talk-show host that he was flying back to Washington (D.C., not the state for apples) to get to business. According to LA Weekly's awesome Nikki Finke (video included, and worth watching), McCain explained to Letterman's producers, "I have to go back and fix the economy. I'm going to get on a plane now and go."

Understandable, right? Hey, the country needs him! Dave, disappointed, went on about how McCain should have had Sarah Palin (if you don't know who she is, try Google) fill in for him, but dealt with it and continued on with a little ribbing of the old man.

BUT--there was no plane to get on. Although McCain was supposed to be on the couch with Dave pimping his platform and making unfunny jokes about his "good-looking babe" (Paul Schaeffer's words, not mine) running mate, he was actually down the street doing a live interview with CBS News' Katie Couric.

Letterman was informed of this, and, as Dave is wont to do, obviously went on to call him out on it. And call him out on it he did. Letterman (boy I love this guy), during an interview with last-minute fill-in Keith Olbermanm of MSNBC, had his control room switch over to a live feed of McCain with Couric getting makeup (which costs him a pretty penny) applied to him in Couric's studio, and asked, "Doesn't seem to be racing to the airport, does he?"


While a live feed of McCain talking to Couric was running, Dave sarcastically asked monitor, "Hey John, I got a question for ya...need a ride to the airport?"

Assuming the information is true, here's a note to the McCain camp: Did you think lying to cancel on one CBS property for another CBS property would go unnoticed?

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