Jon and Kate Plus 8: It's Over

Well, thank God. That's it. No more. TLC has finally figured out what the rest of us knew months ago: No matter what new form it tried to take, Jon and Kate Plus 8 was not going to work anymore. Everyone hates either one or both of the parents, and ruining the lives of children for our own half-hour bursts of mild endorphins is just too cruel to condone. So the network has officially pulled the plug on the entire series, with plans to wring a few more episodes out of the bloody cloth before tossing the whole damn thing out and trying to forget it forever.

There had been a half-baked plan for about a week or two to rebrand the show Kate Plus 8 after TLC fired Jon from his family for being an Ed Hardy-wearing bloat-o-rama who's trying pathetically to recapture the youth he squandered raising a litter of infants, but that was a terrible idea. Because the whole show was about this normal, totes together family that was struggling but mostly succeeding in raising an enormous family. And if Kate's just lonely and divorced and grubbing for fame while Jon's off playing hide the Gosselin with his wife's plastic surgeon's young daughter, well it doesn't matter how cute the kids are, the whole thing would still leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth. So after all the bargaining and denial, TLC has finally accepted that its lucrative, flagship cashcow is dead and it's time to move on. Good for them.

Next up on the family destruction roster? Duggars, come on down! Now that one I would love to watch.

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