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Jon Gosselin's New Baby: Another Reality Show!

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Oh for God's sake. Have you heard this thing today about how big fat party-dad Jon Gosselin might be getting his own reality show? Yeah, the Jon & Kate Plus 8 Kids and 2 Divorce Lawyers star is supposedly mulling over an offer from a production company to appear on a show called Divorced Dads Club. The program is about, um, divorced dads. Who are famous! And Jon Gosselin is definitely divorced and a dad, what with his brood of 8 tiny ATM machines milling about somewhere in Pennsylvania.

It could come at an opportune time for Big Fun Jonny, who is rumored to have tried to get his bloated mitts on the family bank account, having blown all his own money from the show on gloriously bedazzled Ed Hardy tuxedo shirts and swanky Manhattan bachelor pads and beer and stuff. Plus TLC might be trying to release him from his contract, mad as they are about all of his little blonde skirt chasing and late night Jaeger bomb fiestas.

There's no word, yet, about what channel the show would be on, what Gosselin would be paid, or any of those other "detail" things. For now it's just the gross, smeary knowledge that Gosselin is entertaining offers to appear on terrible reality shows. And it's probably not, as he's previously lied, because he wants to support his kids. He wants to light cheap cigars with dollar bills to impress the lay-days, is what I think.

So there you have it. A guy who started off as the pretty even-keeled, modest co-star of a sunny and cute little cable show has turned into a puffy, greedy, fame-chasing wannabe. That's a pretty sad ending to the whole Gosselin saga, and it's not even over. It's also a pretty sad reminder that fame and cameras and reality shows and all that stuff can't help but change you. Jon got changed into an aging frat boy in need of a boom mic.

Let's hope for everyone's sake that this miserable divorce show doesn't actually happen.

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