Jon Hamm Will Play Don Draper for Another 3 Years

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Jon Hamm has signed a three-year contract to continue playing his signature role, Don Draper, on AMC’s Mad Men. The deal is worth “eight figures,” and aligns nicely with creator Matthew Weiner’s deal, which includes a third-year option. Negotiations now move on to the rest of the cast, who’ll also see higher salaries if they lock themselves in for the rest of the run. And, really, who wouldn’t? [Deadline]

… HBO will air a new mockumentary series from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, Life’s Too Short, some time in 2012. It stars Warwick Davis, a 3’ 6” actor who plays a fictionalized version of himself trying to make it in showbiz. Look for cameos from Johnny Depp, Steve Carell and Sting. Here’s a taste:


Valerie Cruz (Off the Map, True Blood, Dexter) is joining the cast of Syfy’s Alphas as “Special Agent Kathy Sullivan, an employee of the Department of Defense whose exact role and intentions are a mystery.” [Syfy, via press release]

… NBC cruised to a ratings victory last night on the creepy shoulders of Pancreas Man. America’s Got Talent and The Voice drew 11.95 and 11.97 million viewers, respectively. The premiere of ABC’s Wipeout was a soggy one: Only 5.3 million people tuned in. [THR]

… Jason Patric will star in FX’s TV adaptation of the comic book Powers, playing a homicide detective who only covers cases that involve people with superpowers. The project is still in the pilot stage, but the network seems enthused. [EW]

… truTV’s Hardcore Pawn, a reality show about one of the world’s largest pawnshops, drew in healthy ratings for its fourth-season premiere last night, and the network has already committed to a fifth. Grandma’s engagement ring, however, is now history. [THR]

… The ill-fated pilot for Locke & Key will get a screening at Comic-Con, in the hopes of drumming up enthusiasm for the passed-on-by-Fox series. Just goes to show that even the biggest names in Hollywood (Spielberg, Kurtzman & Orci) still have trouble getting projects made. [THR]

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