Jonas Bros show gets major changes

Disney is twisting its moustache right now, salivating over the thought of churning out another guaranteed television hit. The latest main ingredient in its recipe for printing money is musical act the Jonas Brothers, the puffy-coiffed trio from New Jersey that has teen girls swooning.

After several big tours and a strong showing in the Disney movie Camp Rock, the boys were set to take the obvious next step and star in their own series. In fact, details on the project were already released--the Jonas Brothers would be playing government-hired spies in a show called J.O.N.A.S. (Junior Operatives Networking as Spies).

For you Jonas fans out there who thought that was a stupid idea, today is your lucky day. Apparently the folks at Disney have scrapped the secret-agent idea in favor of something more...HBO.

E! Online reports that the boys made a guest appearance on KIIS-FM's morning show with Ryan Seacrest earlier this week, and gave some scoop. Apparently, the program will now have more of a Flight of the Conchords feel. HBO's Flight of the Conchords, about a pair of New Zealand transplants trying to make it in New York City, mixes situation comedy with amusing musical numbers.

"We can just pick up a guitar and break into song--in really funny situations," said one of the trio.

The untitled Jonas Brothers show is scheduled to go into production this September. Disney has not announced anything official on the program.

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