Jonathan Ross, We'll Miss You on Friday Nights

Do you watch Wossy for his cosy smarm, his shock interview style and his adventurous suits, or ignore him for exactly those reasons? Whatever your feelings, Friday's show will be Jonathan Ross' last on the BBC. And it'll be a while before he picks up his television career on ITV because the presenter wants to take a gap year, probably to hang out with his family and tend to his exotic pet collection. But we couldn't let him slip off without mulling over his most memorable (okay, outrageous) moments.

You might have heard something of Ross' most recent--and monumental--indiscretion. In October 2008, the BBC Radio 2 presenter and his pal Russell Brand called up a nice old man and left despicable (though some thought funny) messages an his answer phone. The resulting furore was quite something. The BBC Trust suspended Ross from his Friday night and Radio 2 shows for a whopping 12 weeks. But he returned – wounds licked and good to go – the following January.

Next came the inevitable public apology. It was an awkward but necessary move which, fortunately for Ross, came over as genuine. In case you missed it, here's the multi-millionaire presenter eating a small piece of humble pie.

Now on to the fun stuff: the stunts that, arguably, make him worth every zero on his obscene paycheque. In 2006, Ross had David Cameron on his couch. It was clear that Ross would fire off a killer comment but we couldn't have guessed he'd pounce on the Conservative leader with a mucky Thatcher-based question. Ever since then, it's been hard to look at the man who recently became our PM without imagining him, pants round his ankles, lusting after a stocking-clad Maggie. Thanks for that.

Also in '06, Ross hosted the Q Awards and let Heather Mills have it. He called her a "f***ing liar" and quipped that he "wouldn't be surprised if we found out she's actually got two legs". Oh how we chortled.

The 2007 Ross highlight was his interview with smiley Fearne Cotton. He quizzed the presenter on her recent interview with princes William and Harry. Fair enough, only potty mouth Wossy gave the topic an uncouth slant: "Looking at the way they talk to you I can see they find you attractive. They are not making much eye contact, look at the body language. Wills is looking down very embarrassed and Harry is virtually t****** himself off. I'm sorry I shouldn't say that I should say t****** oneself off...There goes the Knighthood!"

In 2008 (pre Sachs-gate), Ross interviewed Gwyneth Paltrow. After a restrained discussion about her choice of baby names, he proposed that they have sex. She was clearly "gagging for it", he said. Once again, the BBC Trust got up in his face.

But, after Friday, the loose-lipped presenter is ITV's hot property and their problem. We wonder how that'll work out...

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i am going to miss him so much. We don't have ITV in the US. He is funny, yet genuine.
The one redeeming feature is that a few weeks ago he had Gorillaz playing, which was awesome :)
He's a horrible obsequious little man, who doesn't actually interview his guest so much as talk AT them.

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